New Website and New Session

Hey Friends! Thank you for visiting our new site! We are so excited to have a new, more functional site BUT we’re even MORE excited to be starting a new session! This pandemic certainly changed a lot for us (including canceling the end of our first session) yet! God helped us find a way. Thankfully we were able to complete our first session virtually and we able to deliver ALL of the AMAZING gifts our parish provided for our moms while keeping safely distanced to ensure everyone’s safety. It may not have looked like we imagined but God provided anyway. All of our moms gave birth to beautiful healthy babies and are all doing well! PRAISE JESUS!!! Shortly after completing though we were contacted by SEVERL new moms looking to join our program and we knew we had to act! So! We are set to start a new session on 6/3 (depending on restrictions related to Covid-19 still but that’s our tentative start). If you are interested in learning more or want to help out, just send us a message! Again, thank you for supporting us and praying for us! We can’t wait to see where God takes us from here! Stay safe, stay healthy, and please continue to keep us in your prayers! – Ashley